Tuesday, October 1, 2013


A visit to Paris Opera House (Garnier )is a must on your visit to Paris.

A quick ride on the Metro and we were there in 20 minutes. The Metro Opera sortie arises in the middle of a huge roundabout where many busy roads converge. The Opera House is very imposing facing the roundabout giving a great view as you surface from the underground.

We scuttled quickly around to the entrance at the side of the building as some tourist buses were arriving. We were through security and quickly purchased our tickets and before you knew it we were in the grandest marbled entrance you could imagine.

 A grand marble staircase, marble railings, marble columns, gilt and painted ceilings, grand lights hanging from the ceiling perfectly positioned to light the stair case.

The floors were of little tiles like a mosaic to make a pattern throughout the whole Opera House. On reaching the top of the stairs there were long rooms where I guess you gather before the show or at interval - rooms so grand it's hard to put into words.

There were two huge fireplaces , one at each end with high ceilings, paintings, marble, gilt and so on and so on.

Thinking it doesn't get any better than this we stepped into the actual auditorium and believe me it does get better than that !

Red carpet, red plush chairs, painted dome ceiling-Gold and red being the theme.


This is the opera house and chandelier that was the inspiration for Phantom of the Opera. 

"No photos !" the sign said but no way we were not going to bring this home with us, so with slight of hand the clicking took place.

 A truely beautiful place

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