Sunday, October 6, 2013


 A place of interest near Annecy is called Les Gorges du Fier  just 10 kilometres away.

After a short walk of mostly steps, we arrived at the entry that was run by two ladies. They also had quite a well stocked tourist shop and a little bar with tables where they served light lunches. Again the crowds were absent and we paid our entrance fee with not a sole in sight.

The river Fier has carved this narrow path through the limestone and created a very narrow, steep gorge with the water rushing through it.
 The walkway is steel with a wooden boardwalk actually attached to the gorge walls 25 metres above the river.
The walkway is 250 metres long which is the length of the gorge.

The original walkway was built in 1868. Obviously it has been updated since then.
 It really is a wonderful walk if not a little scary, walking along the gorge wall looking down to the river and up to the top with lime green trees overhanging and water dripping down to the river below.
The gorge walls in spots were covered in moss and lichen lit by the filtered light from above.
We walked the length and back again thinking that this hidden gem has been another holiday highlight.
We shared a Croque Monsieur and a drink before saying goodbye to Gorges of Fier.

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