Thursday, October 3, 2013


There is a little village called Seillans not far from Fayence via narrow roads and built on the side of a hill that we were keen to visit.

We arrived and found the parking area towards the top of the village and headed towards the village square. We were particularly keen to visit here as we had read it is one of the prettiest villages in France.

 It is !

Perched on the side of the hill, the narrow streets wind around beautifully maintained,  shuttered houses, three to four stories high, some with ancient front doors with ivy and potted plants providing colour and where there is room, the odd olive tree sprouts from the cobbled streets.

A narrow street leads down into the town square which has a large stone retaining wall on one side and contains mature trees providing lovely shade. Around the other side is tall shuttered housing and a hotel and in the centre of this large open space was a large fountain with trickling water dripping onto buckets of roses.
 Ranged around the fountain were many tables making a restaurant called La Gloire de Mon Pere. Here a large number of people, both locals and tourists, were being served by waiters who run up and down the street to the kitchen (which is actually part of a hotel).
How delightful !

Leaving this delightful scene were wandered along narrow lanes exploring all the little nooks and crannies with a photo opportunity round every corner.


We gradually worked our way to the other side of the village where we came upon another restaurant/ cafe.

The second cafe was a lot smaller but again outdoors shaded by a beautiful tree. The steep area had been levelled with a stone retaining wall and in the centre was a large fountain with tables spread around it as before.

Iron bottle holders were attached at appropriate spots in the fountain so the water tumbling from the fountain kept the wine cooled. The waiters were dressed in full white aprons which touched their shoes.

Regretfully it was too late for lunch but when the opportunity presented itself to us the following day we couldn't get there quickly enough.
Seated at tables on rough cobblestones in the town square under the shade of old trees, we knew that lunch at La Gloire de Mon Pere would be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

 Rack of lamb with zucchini and orange peel couscous, roasted cherry tomatoes and orange segments with a beautiful orange sauce,

then finished off with tart tattin for me and a strawberry sorbet for Helen.

This may sound like an extravagant lunch but it was really quite light and the French really do have these wonderful long lunches.

Communicating in French with our very friendly waiter was a lot of fun . It is surprising how much you begin to understand using halting English, French and mime !!
There was much laughter and warmth as we said our goodbyes

Another wonderful memory to store away.


  1. Helen, reading your text here indicates you have your hubby into blogging your travels with you. That is great that you can both get involved in recording your travels. So jealous ~ my sister and I have always dreamed of doing France together since our school days.

    1. That's right Carol. We both contribute to the holiday diary which we write up every night while we're away. That way we remember it all with some degree of accuracy for the photo books and Movie Makers we put together when we get home then we can relive the holiday while we plan the next one !